Mirko Liebetrau

Chief Sales Officer

Mirko Liebetrau is Chief Sales Officer at talpasolutions – one of Germany’s most innovative tech companies that helps mining-enterprises to perform better than ever and reduce their costs by making data understandable.

He holds a master of science degree in Resources Management from the RWTH Aachen University and has spent the last six years investigating industrial digitalization and data-based efficiency improvements in mining operations. Prior to joining talpasolutions, Mirko has gained professional experience at several international mining-companies in Germany, Central Africa and China (surface and underground). He is known for both his mining and technical expertise as well as his visionary thinking.

Mirko understands the most pressing and hardest industrial challenges and knows how to solve them by leveraging the full potential of digitalization.

How data changed the world - and then mining

The impact of the megatrend digitalization has been visible for over two decades, now. Paperless offices and real-time communication around the globe are common, rather than exotic concepts. These obvious developments have accelerated processes through all industries sharply and millions of people are profiting from them on a daily basis.

Such general improvements of documentation and communication are applied in mining, from their very beginning. Of course there are shortcomings in terms of connectivity and data transmission in many areas and especially in underground applications. When evaluating the status and progress through different industries, a disparity in digital capability and degree of digitalization becomes obvious. The most oppositional situation can be visualized when comparing the software or IT industry with the digital state of mining. Despite the fact that this comparison is not entirely proportionate, as one is the inventor of digital applications and the other one of the oldest industries in the world, it allows us to gaze into the future of digitalization in heavy industry.

Evaluating the developments of digitalization and IIoT in other industries indicates application scenarios for digital solutions in mining. The pace of adapting future technologies becomes an increasingly crucial factor for the sustainability and competitiveness of businesses in all industries. Digitalization will further be accelerated by recent global developments. The corona virus forces us to re-evaluate how we are doing business and how activities and information can be further aligned and monitored, around the globe. See what is possible when data is sourced consistently and put to work. Adapting new technologies comes with vast opportunities, but also with change management and some with uncertainties. While many see digitalization as a challenge to their processes and operations, talpasolutions turns it into an advantage.