At Panasqueira Mine we took various active measures to prevent the infection of all workers by Covid-19, following all guidelines from WHO and DGS (Portuguese health authority).

Our first Contingency Plan was elaborated promptly on the 4th March, summarized in a flyer that was distributed to workers. Also, we closed our public minerals shop and we cancelled all scheduled external visits to the mine.

March 16

On 16th March, for physical distance purposes, we suspended all collective transport in the mine and we implemented limitation of use of common areas (changing rooms and cafeterias).

March 23

Reinforced the cleaning of common areas and started spray disinfection. With the rapid increase of number of new cases in the country at the end of March, we decided to reduce operations and temporary suspend one shift at the plant, putting in place an extraordinary plan for accumulated leave from week 14 to week 19, regarding mine and plant workers. Also, senior technicians were displaced in teleworking.

April 7

At the beginning of April, we placed some physical barriers with acrylic panels in service areas such as warehouse, PPE distribution area, offices, etc.

April 16

Painted horizontal signs in the floor for physical distance between workers, at mine and plant entrances.

April 20

Preparing the return of the workers on leave, and the ramp up of the production, on the 16th April we started the distribution of surgical masks for general use and the measuring of worker’s body temperature.


Integrated in a mining community and as social responsibility, the company provided the local authorities with a house with seven bedrooms, fully equipped, for isolation of suspected or confirmed cases of infection, mainly for elderly people from local the care home.

Still living with most of the restrictions implemented and the real threat of the disease, we are happy with the results of all the work and proud of all our heroes:

Photo was taken in 2012.