Benefits for Presenters, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Delegates

“MINEX Europe Online” offers a fresh approach to organising mining events creating additional value and unlocking opportunities that are hard or too expensive to achieve at the offline events.

Expenses Offline Event Online Event
Overseas travel and accommodation ✗ Economy travel and accommodation at the two-day event start at 500 USD ✓ None
Time away from business ✗ Days ✓ Hours
Comparative participation fees ✗ 100% ✓ 50% of the offline event cost or less
Exhibiting costs ✗ High printing, booth hire and staffing costs ✓ Low virtual booth hire costs and no printing and staffing costs

Other Considerations


High risk of transferring infections.

Risks of transferring infections are non-existent or negligible (in case two or more speakers present from one room).


Typical meeting rooms do not exceed 500 seats.

Professional meeting platforms can accommodate up 10 000 delegates in one virtual conference room.


Overseas travel impedes participation of many companies and delegates who are potentially interested in the event.

Participants can view the event recording if they missed it.


Physical event lasts 2-3 days.

A virtual event stays live all year round.

Event Analysis

Collecting and evaluating attendance and engagement data takes a lot of time and effort.

Comprehensive information about attendance and engagement is available within minutes.

Calendar Conflicts

Participants can easily switch between competing events or revisit the event they have missed.

Participants are often forced to choose between competing events or sessions.


Interaction is organised via group and private chats and can continue after the event.

Interaction is normally limited to Q&As via live microphone at the end of the session.


Interface-to-Interface networking available during and after the event for up to 1 year.

Limited to personal Face-to-Face contacts and planned meetings during the event.

Environmental footprint

Significantly reduce the emission of CO2.

It depends on the event venue facilities and printing.