Presentation Opportunities

MINEX Europe offers excellent opportunities for presenting mining analytical reports and disseminating practical information on the development of mining, investment, and technological projects. Presenters often use the forum’s platform for engaging the audience in the discussion of the challenges and changes facing the mining sector.

Mining Companies


MINEX Forum offers mining companies operating projects in Europe an online platform for presenting their projects to the global audiences and engaging new clients, investors, suppliers, social groups, and other stakeholders.

Supply Chain Companies


MINEX Forum offers supply chain companies a versatile virtual platform for presenting their technologies and services to the European and Global mining projects operators.

Individual Presenters


Industry Experts, Government Officials, Investment Analysts are invited to submit abstracts suitable for Keynote sessions and panel discussions (see program) free of charge.

Mining company 950 Euro + 20% VAT
Supply chain company 950 Euro + 20% VAT
Government agency Please inquire
Investor Please inquire
Other Please inquire

Central and Eastern Europe Editions

Abstracts and speaker registrations must be submitted by 15 May 2020

Northern, Western and Southern Europe Editions 

Abstracts and speaker registrations must be submitted by 15 June 2020


Ministers, EU officials, Ambassadors and Heads of the Intergovernmental and International Organisations regularly present at the opening of MINEX Europe Forum.

Past keynote speakers:

Kocho Angjushev, Deputy Prime Minister in Charge of the Economic Affairs, Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Aleksandar Antić, Minister of Mining and Energy the Republic of Serbia, Government of the Republic of Serbia

Charles Garrett, British Ambassador to Macedonia, British Embassy Skopje

Philip Pinnington, Canadian Ambassador to the Republic of Serbia, Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro

Vitor Correia, President, European Federation of Geologists

Ivan Andreev, Executive Director, Bulgarian Chamber on Mining and Geology


Session topics address the entire audience of the forum and, as a rule, include overviews of industry-wide issues, important changes, trends, as well as talks by the CEOs of the leading mining and metallurgical companies. Presentation time is limited to 15-20 minutes. The program committee of the forum welcomes engaging talks which will stimulate the exchange of best practices and present new ideas. Presentations proposed for plenary sessions should exclude advertising or marketing content.

Session talk examples:

Theme: Investing in Eastern Europe and the Balkans – an investor’s perspective‎.

Speaker: Daniel Berg, Director, Serbia, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Theme: European Mining Agenda – exploration challenges and the need for innovative technologies.

Speaker: Dr. Richard Gloaguen, Division Head, Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology

Theme: Industrial Minerals within Europe – an Imerys perspective.

Speaker: Owen Herod, Corporate Geology Manager, Imerys

Mining Company Presentations

The Forum offers a global dissemination platform for raising investor awareness of the Mining and Exploration projects developed across Europe.

Examples of the presentations of major and junior mining companies at the previous Forums:

“Rio Tinto lithium-borate Jadar project” – Richard Storrie, General Manager, Rio Sava Exploration d.o.o.

“Future of mining in Serbia – RTB Bor example” – Blagoje Spaskovski, Managing Director, RTB Bor Group

“Introduction to Central Asia Metals” –  Nick Clarke, Chairman, Central Asia Metals

“Opening A New Mine in the Balkans – the Investor’s Perspective” – Dominic Roberts, Operations Director, Mineco

“The Ilovica Shtuka Copper Gold project” –  Patrick Forward, COO, Euromax Resources

Technical Presentations

Technical talks often include presentations of new technology case studies, trends in specific market segments, changes in the state regulation of subsoil use, financing or evaluation of projects, among others. The time for presentations is limited to 15-20 minutes. The forum program committee welcomes presentations of cases illustrating the introduction of innovative industry solutions and technologies at mining enterprises in Europe and worldwide. The use of advertising or marketing content without reference to the practical implementation examples is not encouraged.

Technical talks examples:

Theme: “Utilisation of mine wastes – how to achieve zero mining wastes”
Speaker: Dr. Marja Liisa Räisänen, Senior Scientist, Geological Survey of Finland
Audience: Operations managers

Theme: “Modern Advances in Mineral Exploration – Leveraging Technology in the Discovery of New Deposits”

Speaker: James Gilbertson, Principal Exploration Geologist and Managing Director of SRK Exploration Services
Audience: Exploration directors

Finance and Investment Roundups

MINEX Europe Forum is the leading international event series on investment and capital raising for major mining and junior exploration projects developed across Europe.  The Forum platform offers one-on-one meetings with investors, mining finance sessions, investment roundups, and masterclasses.

Mining and Finance presenters at the past events:

Bert Koth, Managing Director and Partner, Denham Capital

Francisco José Fortuny, Principal Banker, Natural Resources, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

Marcin Sadowski, Head of raw materials sector, EASME, European Commission

Constantin Zhydko, Head of Metals & Mining Finance team, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking

Axel Kalinowski, Head of Central and Eastern Europe, London Stock Exchange Group

Panel Discussions

Thought-provoking panel discussions offer opportunities to share thoughts and ideas via moderator-led dialogue on the range of themes, e.g. regulation, investment, business practices, education, etc.

Panel discussion: “The role of Mining in the sustainable development of mineral resources in the Circular Economy”

What are the benefits of presenting at the Forum?

Speakers and panelists are empowered with many opportunities for raising their profile and disseminating information about their projects, ideas, experiences, or products to the Forum’s audience. Presentation slides will be included in the post-event materials and distributed to all delegates.

All presenters will have a dedicated profile page with the interactive form created on the Forum website. Other Forum participants will be able to reach speakers before, during, or after the Forum via the online contact form.

In what language should I present?

In English. Simultaneous translation can be provided on request, at additional cost.

Can I present in English and have slides in other language or vice versa?

Yes, you can. Simultaneous translation can be provided on request, at additional cost.

What presentation equipment will be provided?

We will upload all presentations on our webinar platform. You will be able to control slides yourself or we can do it for you. You will need an internet-connected laptop or PC, video camera, microphone and the latest version of Chrome or Edge browser.

Do you rehearse prior to events?

Yes, we do. Once your presentation has been confirmed, we will contact you to confirm the technical and logistical details of your presentation.

Can I provide substitute speaker in case I am not available to present?

Yes, you can. An alternative speaker, nominated by you will need to submit bio and photo via online speaker form.

If I am not available on the day and cannot find replacement, can you broadcast my pre-recorded presentation?

Yes, we can. We can discuss available options after you have booked your presentation.

Speaker Registration Terms

Eastern and Central Europe edition

Speakers must submit registration before 15 May.

Speakers must submit slides before 1 June.

Northern, Western and Southern Europe editions

Speakers must submit registration before 15 June.

Speakers must submit slides before 30 June


Admission fees can be paid by debit or credit card (via Stripe or PayPal) or by bank transfer.

Intellectual Rights

Speaker is responsible for observing the intellectual rights of the materials used in the presentation. Speaker consents to publishing presentation slides in the delegate materials and online post-event report. Speaker consents to recording and broadcasting of the presentation during the Forum. Speaker agrees to communicate in advance all concerns related to the presentation, recording, broadcasting, and distribution of the presentation materials by writing to (or verbally addressing the organisers when email option is not available).


Should you no longer able to present at the Forum, please offer a suitable alternative speaker. Speaker replacement can be done at any time at no extra charge (subject to informing organisers by writing to Cancellations must be submitted in writing to

Eastern and Central Europe edition

Cancellations received before 25 May 2020 will be subject to a 10% administration fee. No refunds will be made after 25 May 2020. At the discretion of the Forum organisers a credit note may be issued towards any future MINEX event in 2020.

Northern, Western and Southern Europe editions

Cancellations received before 15 June 2020 will be subject to a 10% administration fee. No refunds will be made after 15 June 2020. At the discretion of the Forum organisers a credit note may be issued towards any future MINEX event in 2020.