About the Forum

Founded in 2015, MINEX Europe Forum offers vibrant platform for dissemination of innovative technologies and promoting investment opportunities for mining and exploration across Eastern, Central and Southern Europe. 

Every year the Forum is organised in a different country bringing together local mining communities with international companies involved in the development of mining-related projects across the European continent and Global markets.  

By bringing to a host country global mining expertise, MINEX Europe Forum aims to help the local Government, Miners and Communities to take advantage of the international knowledge gained by other mining regions in developing sustainable and responsible mining industries. 

The previous MINEX Europe forums have been held in Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Serbia and Austria. 

Key themes

Mineral Resource development 

The forum offers mining companies as well as governments a platform for presenting to investors and wider audience projects aimed at developing Europe’s mineral potential and securing supply of raw materials to the European industries.  

Sustainable Mining 

To develop mining projects successfully, companies need to focus on SUSTAINABILITY, RESPONSIBILITY and INNOVATION. The forum presents the latest European and international practices and technologies which help to reduce environmental footprint of mining activities while stimulating economic growth and ensuring support from communities.  

Technological innovation 

Depleting mineral resources, smaller-scale mines, stricter government regulation combined with higher expectations from investors make innovation in the European mining sector essential to secure its future. MINEX Europe forum offers presentation and discussion platform for experts from major companies, universities, research & technology organisations and SMEs actively researching, developing and employing innovative solutions in exploration, mining and mineral processing 

Forum attendees

  • European and Global mine operators
  • Practitioners from mining consulting companies
  • EU-funded mining and technology projects
  • Equipment suppliers and software providers
  • Representatives from research institutions, academic scholars and researchers
  • Government agencies and Mining ministries
  • National Geological surveys
  • Banks and Law Firms
  • Investors and Private Equity Funds
  • Stock Exchanges
  • NGOs
  • Media

Who attends the forum

Annually, MINEX Europe Forum brings together more than 200 senior executives from mining companies, representatives of ministries of mining, investment companies and banks, service companies and equipment manufacturers from Bulgaria, and from more than 20 countries from the surrounding region and further afield.


The Forum will offer opportunities for networking and the sharing of the latest business intelligence, opportunities, trends and insights from mining and exploration companies and experts from the countries of the Balkans region as well as wider Europe. It will also facilitate interaction with policymakers, key decision-makers and global investors.

What's New at This Year's Forum?

New Formats

The programme will include technical sessions offering the platform for presenting promising ideas, technologies and case studies which are either unique or not widely adopted across the countries operating on the European continent. Changes will be made to the format of the sessions to increase their interactivity. The forum will provide a platform for focused events devoted to the presentation of new trends and technologies in the fastest-growing segments of the sector.


For the first time, the programme will contain events dedicated to the digitisation in the mining industry. Digital technology is already a reality. Back in the day, the competitive advantage of participants in the mining sector was measured by how successfully they extracted natural resources, but now it is measured by how effectively companies exploit the information at their disposal in order to optimise production, reduce losses, increase their effectiveness and provide safer working conditions.

Information Handling

The ability to organise the collection, retention and processing of information quickly leads to a competitive advantage and may even help the development of new business models. The programme will contain new digital projects that have been successfully implemented both within and outwith Bulgaria. We will discuss the prospects for the future implementation of digital technologies in different segments of the mining industry.