Learn about the latest technologies that help to accelerate the development of safer, more robust, and more efficient mining presented at the focus day on mining in Southern Europe on the 2nd July 2020.

The session moderated by Tanya Matveeva, Geologist, Kamni Chain who also speaks on the development of blockchain in mining.

Marko Komac, President, European Federation of Geologists talks about INFACT project that has become an example of a novel approach to the mining exploration in Europe.

Rasoul Rezaei, Area Sales Manager, STEINERT presentations on physical beneficiation of low-grade manganese ore with high-intensity magnetic separation.

Pavel Bartak, Mechanical Engineer, Howden discusses how VentSim Control can help to improve production, blast-clearing times, energy savings, and most importantly, increase safety for underground workers.

Krzysztof (Kris) Biegaj, Owner/Director, Ausvac Mining debates why governments, mining companies’ executives and shareholders allow leaving behind never to be recovered capitally accessed and broken high-grade ore underground worth billions of dollars.


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