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ALS Geochemistry is the leading full service provider of geochemical analyses for the global mining industry.

Our integrated network of over 70 commercial geochemistry laboratories and as well as dozens of Mine Control Labs around the world ensures consistent quality and dependable client service wherever we might meet you.

Analytical procedures appropriate for all elements of interest to an explorer or metal producer are available for clients engaged in exploration, mine grade control, concentrate and bullion determinations, acid-base accounting, as well as process plant control.

Our standard range of analytical methods covers all commodities of interest from precious metals to iron ore and industrial minerals.

We also provide custom services for on-site laboratory and sample preparation facilities as well as Containerized Sample Preparation Laboratories.

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ALS Geochemistry Webinar

Hyperspectral instruments allow to capture mineralogical information from geological samples quickly and efficiently, providing great benefits to mine operators for both mining exploration and production projects. Currently, there are systems capable of performing a hyperspectral imaging along boreholes with the acquisition of high-resolution photographs, and they have been widely used in the different stages of mining projects.

Sasha Pontual, AusSpec. 17th June
  • TerraSpec technology
  • Interpretation of results
  • Kind of samples and their advantages
  • Cases study
Mike Donze, TerraCore. 18th June
  • Imaging Technology. Shortwave Infrared and Longwave Infrared cameras
  • Processing and Interpretation of the data
  • Visualizing and exploring results
  • Cases study

Webinar starts:

June 17th and 18th, 2020
(GMT +1, 9AM – 10AM London Time)
(GMT +3, 11AM – 12PM Moscow Time)

Sasha Pontual

Dr Sasha Pontual, a leading expert in spectral geology, is the MD and founder of AusSpec, a spectral geology solutions company founded in 1992.  AusSpec has developed and sells the aiSIRIS cloud-based spectral interpretation solution to Minex companies. Sasha was one of the first independent consultants working in providing spectral analysis services to the Minex industry globally.   In the last 25 years, she has played an important part in the industry take up of the technology. aiSIRIS is the realization of Sasha’s desire to make spectral geology and mineralogy easily accessible to all geoscientists and embodies 25+ years of experience.

Mike Donze

Mike graduated from Wits University with a BSc in 2012 and began working in field of hyperspectral imaging in 2013. He returned to Wits University in 2015 to complete his honours degree before returning to TerraCore as the Geological Manager for Africa. He has completed successful projects in Australia, Europe, and Africa; and is currently overseeing numerous on-going projects on those continents.