Øystein Rushfeldt

Nussir ASA

Mining engineer with 32 years of experience from various positions in Norwegian and international mining companies. Employed as technical director and Sauda Plant manager of Eramet Norway AS during 2008-09. During 2004 – 08 managing director of Titania AS a major manufacturer of titanium feedstock. Before that he worked for 8 years at Hustadmarmor AS (now owned by Omea AG) as production engineer, production manager and operations manager, and for 8 years as process engineer at AS Sydvaranger, Norway’s then largest iron ore company.

Rushfeldt is a graduate of the Norwegian Polytechnical University, Trondheim (now NTNU)

Rushfeldt has served as president and chairman of the Norwegian Mining Association.

Nussir ASA Copper project ready for construction.

Nussir has a brownfield copper mine project in Repparfjorden, North Norway. The copper mine covers the Nussir and Ulveryggen prospects. Nussir has finalized a Definitive Feasibility Study and is currently going through a pre-construction and design phase. Nussir is also working with external lenders for financing of the Project. Estimated investments in the Project are expected to be approximately MUSD 100.  The Project is further expected to have a yearly turnover of MUSD 100 when nameplate production is reached. It is the intention to make the mine the worlds first fully electrified mine.