Ausvac Mining PL was established in January 2000 in Kalgoorlie - an old mining town in Western Australia by Krzysztof (Kris) Biegaj - then Mining Manager/Technical Services Manager at the Central Norseman Gold Corporation and Paul Maher - local Mining Contractor and Mining Entrepreneur. In 2000 + Ausvac Mining PL designed and constructed a truly mobile Supersucker - a giant mobile vacuum cleaner to carry out exploration winzing in a nuggetty-type gold deposits in a safe and highly efficient way. Old timers used to do winzing with a shovel and kibble and did not waste time for highly misleading and time consuming diamond drilling in these types of gold deposits. Due to the lack of interest in winzing from Australian mining industry, the mobile Supersucker had been equipped with additional features to carry out efficient recovery of high-grade capitally accessed and broken ore left behind on mine floors and never to be recovered by conventional mining equipment. After eight (8) hands-on trials on gold and nickel mines in Australia conducted by Kris Biegaj between 2003 - 2011, up to 40 tonnes/shift of mine floor material can now be recovered with two (2) operators. Due to the "milling" action of the conventional mining equipment (LHDs and scrapers) and gravity force, the grade of gold normally left behind on mine floors was up to (3) three ounces/tonne Plus. Not yet part of a mining cycle.

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Krzysztof (Kris) Biegaj

Ausvac Mining

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