09:30 - 10:30 / 03.Jun.2020 (BST - British Summer Time)

Impact of Covid-19 on Mining Industry in Europe

The coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic has caused global stock markets to drop, commodity prices to tumble and mine production outputs globally to take severe hits. The session will provide an outlook of the current state of the regional mining industry and offer a view of post- COVID-19 domestic and international developments. 

Tim Buisseret
Country Director
Department for International Trade

09:30 - The EU, Covid19 and the mining sector

Marcin Sadowski
Head of Sector – Raw Materials
European Commission – EASME

09:45 - Importance of Mining within the UK’s Clean Growth Strategy

Richlove Mensah
Regional Director, Central and Eastern Europe
Department for International Trade

10:00 - "COVID19 impact to mining industry: view from Canada"

Kati Csaba
Ambassador to Serbia, Montenegro and North Macedonia
Canadian Embassy

10:15 - Panel discussion