Aldo Pennini

Associate Director
Strategia Wordwide

Aldo Pennini is a corporate affairs executive with 25 years’ experience and a career spanning government, global corporate and international membership organisation. He was recently Director of Communications at the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) where he engaged multi-stakeholder networks to transform the approach to communications, finding common ground among the world’s leading mining companies on shifting perceptions of the industry.

Prior to that he spent eight years at Anglo American Plc serving as Director of External Affairs in Australia rebranding and positioning the business among key stakeholder groups. During that time he was appointed Chief of Staff in the company’s London headquarters serving two Chief Executives where he acquired a unique perspective on the leadership and operational dynamics at the top of a multinational corporation, as well as establishing an exceptional global industry network.

Aldo began his career in government spending more than 14 years serving as senior policy advisor and Chief of Staff to State Premiers and Ministers in New South Wales and Queensland (Australia) where he shaped policy and negotiated legislation ranging from natural resource management to carbon emissions trading and multicultural affairs.

Why ESG should be seen as an opportunity to created resilience and add value, rather than just a compliance measure.


In this presentation Aldo Pennini will consider the impact of increasing competition for investment set against rising expectations for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) in the mining sector. Aldo presents an alternative view to ESG, as an opportunity to create resilience and add value, rather than simply a regulatory requirement.


The presentation will cover three key areas:

Improved Resilience – In the post Covid economy there is little doubt that poorly run companies will go under. Companies that self-regulate and implement consistent, genuine and impactful ESG policies will be more resilient to market volatility and further crisis events.

Access to capital - Applying an ESG lens to investment decision making is essentially a risk management tool requiring managers to take a more holistic approach to their company performance. Adopting ESG good practice can go some way to protecting investments from market volatility such as the current pandemic.

“Over time, companies and countries that do not respond to stakeholders and address sustainability risks will encounter growing scepticism from the markets, and in turn, a higher cost of capital. Companies and countries that champion transparency and demonstrate their responsiveness to stakeholders, by contrast, will attract investment more effectively, including higher-quality, more patient capital.”
Larry Fink letter to CEO [Source -]

Opportunity to add value – Embracing ESG not only improves resilience and access to capital. Done well ESG can generate opportunities and add value through improvements to business practices; securing and maintaining social license to operate; reducing project delays; and attracting talented young people to the industry.