Jeffrey Christian

Managing Partner
CPM Group

Jeffrey M. Christian is Managing Partner at CPM Group, a precious metals and commodities research and consulting company he founded in 1986 in a buyout of the Goldman Sachs Commodities Research Group he managed at that time. He has a commanding understanding of the mechanics of precious metals and commodities trading and investing, as well as derivatives markets, commodities in general, and broad economic and financial trends. CPM advises major producers, users, governments, central banks, and institutional investors on how best to manage their financial exposure to precious metals and commodities. He advises on overall market trends, as well as on hedging, materials management, and investing strategies. In 2006 he published Commodities Rising, a book on commodities markets. In 1980 he published a book on electric vehicles. More can be learned about Mr. Christian and CPM Group at

New Energy Vehicles & Electric Vehicles Impact on Metals

Will review present and future outlook and trends for Energy Metals, EVs, Fuel Cells, and Hydrogen, along with trends in institutional investing in mine financing.

Current and long-term outlook for precious metals, and the broader economy, as well as issues related to changes in the markets.