12:50 - 13:30 / 01.Jul.2020 (BST - British Summer Time)

Interactive panel discussion on the Disruptive Forces and rapidly transforming the Energy Metals Industry’s Future

Global outlook for energy metals (lithium, cobalt, and nickel). EV battery production projections until 2035. Disruptive forces in the energy metals market. Is the future bright? New battery technologies which promise to revolutionise the use of batteries. Electrification of European mining to meet new Green Deal de-carbonisation agenda. Diversification of supply chain from global (China, Africa, South America) to local production of battery factories in the UK, Finland, and Germany. Action needed to iron out likely bottlenecks in supply chains. Development of energy metals and materials hubs (mining, processing, recycling) across Europe (UK, Finland, Serbia). Review of the exploration projects to meet future demand for Lithium, cobalt and nickel In Europe.

Tim McGurk
Corporate Consultant (Mining Engineering)
SRK Consulting (UK)

Jim Lennon
Senior Commodities Analyst
Macquarie Research

Keith Rowe-Wilson
Euro Lithium

Chris Berry
House Mountain Partners

Chris Bray
Principal Mining Consultant
SRK Consulting (UK)

Stephen Gifford
Chief Economist
Faraday Institution

David Garcia-Balbuena
Head of Mine Geology
Terrafame Oy