MINING HOTSPOTS: Norway, Sweden, Greenland, UK

11:00 - 12:00 / 01.Jul.2020 (BST - British Summer Time)

Company Presentations

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James Gilbertson
Managing Director
SRK Exploration

11:00 - Exploration for Ti-V-P and Nickel mineralisation on the Bjerkreim intrusion, Norway, and its strategic importance for the region.

Jon Russill
Principal Exploration Geologist
SRK Exploration Services

11:10 - Nussir ASA Copper project ready for construction.

Øystein Rushfeldt
Nussir ASA

11:20 - 3D-geometry of iron-oxide deposits in the Blötberget area (Nordic Iron Ore AB, Ludvika mines) of Sweden

Paul Marsden
Technical Sales and Marketing Advisor
Nordic Iron Ore

11:30 - Redmoor, Cornwall: A Cornish Mine of Global Significance

Brett Grist
Exploration Manager
Cornwall Resources

11:40 - A systematic, repeatable, low-cost method to evaluate critical metals provinces, with example from the Gardar Rare Earth Elements Province, Greenland.

Graham Banks
Exploration geoscientist
The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland